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Paper tole 101

Here is a great trick I learned from my Great Aunt, I try to make a couple of these a year, and always get a lot of questions about hows it done, so heres a rundown.
This is not only a great spin to add to digital prints and paintings, but also a way for you to recycle damaged art- anytime I rip a print, it goes into my damaged/paper tole drawer to be reused!

• The technique is dirt simple but takes some patience.

• Paper tole- starts with several copies/prints of the same picture. Make sure it's thinner paper or you'll kill your wrist

• Using an xacto knife, you carefully cut out big elements from the piece, then smaller and smaller. I only go 3 layers, but people who are really good at this cut 7-8 layers.

• Then, you paste the big element back onto a clean version using a thick glue, then the smaller on top, and even smaller on top of that. I use clear silicone normally used for bathroom and kitchen projects (see attached picture) it dries thick and clear, giving a nice gap between your layers.

• If you want a really large gap between the layers, I use a type of packing foam I've gotten from various products and cut out small slivers/pieces (it lasts forever, so I have no idea where it originated).

• Make sure you have wine to keep your hand steady. :) I'm not nearly as good as my great Aunt and Grandma (who taught me) but my messy style makes up for the less than exact cutting.

Good luck!

A Shattered Scary
Love the aliens franchise, most the movies have a special place in my heart, but the monster designs are second to none, and so very much fun to draw in my style. Messy chaos.
Really looking forward to Covenant. High hopes.

Pick a colour.
Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.46.27 PM by ChasingArtwork  Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.46.19 PM by ChasingArtwork  Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.46.09 PM by ChasingArtwork 

This ones been on the list for a while. Craziest movie, and I still have not dived into the massive journey that is the Manga, but plan on on attempting soon. 
Progress Shot! Between work on new book pitches, decided to finally get around to my Akira tribute, should have the final piece posted in another day or two. Its too fun to stop working on for too long...
Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 2.34.41 PM by ChasingArtwork
Been busy getting my ducks in a row for the 2014 con season :) lots of shows lined up, and I'm pumped!!
slowly but surely making more time for US shows, and hopefully I'll be making a jump across the pond for a Europe show before too long. Australia was on the list for this year, but my selfish best friends getting married haha, so that's on hold for now. 
I'm going to be at the 2015 San Diego show, as well. For sure for sure. tired of missing out on that.

Winnipeg AiKon Winterfest February 8
Untitled by ChasingArtwork
Smaller Local anime con to start the year off! tiny show, but great attendees and a fun atmosphere :)

Winnipeg Wonderland Anime Festival  March 1,2
Untitled by ChasingArtwork
Another Smaller con, the very first year its been held. Bit tinnier than we had hoped, but a good chance to network with local artists and plan some big plans :)

Toronto Comicon March 7-9
Untitled by ChasingArtwork
First big show of the year! was a little hectic to man a 2 table endcap without any help, but with the aid of red bull, coffee, and Granola bars, I made er!
The Pokemon Poster on display caused a massive spike in that pieces interest- good trick to remember.
I also think I forgot a piece of my banner stand at the show :( 
Also, never trust :iconquirkilicious: :iconandreatamme: to lead you anywhere. Ever. every time we go off on an adventure to find a magical Sushi place, or a mythicaly awesome pasta restaurant, it turns into a never ending quest :p

Emerald City Comicon March 28-30
Seattle Booth by ChasingArtwork
This con had a stupid amount of talent setting up shop, my area in particular felt like a Disney concept art book exploded onto the floor. so much AAA cuteness.  Loved the city of Seattle, very friendly and chill place, the weather was nice (especially in comparison to Winnipeg). One of the best aspects of the trip was adventuring around the city with friends after show hours. 
Cannot wait for next year! only thing I'm going to change is the amount of table space :0 need moooaaar!

Fan Expo Vancouver  
April 18-20
Untitled by ChasingArtwork
Lil sis came to help me out :) was a super fun trip, and I was pleasantly surprised how many return customers remembered me from last year and were excited to pick up the new stuff- always nice to leave an impression in the sea of crazy talent that is artists alley :p

Calgary Expo April 24-27
Untitled by ChasingArtworkUntitled by ChasingArtwork
Untitled by ChasingArtworkUntitled by ChasingArtworkUntitled by ChasingArtwork

Not sure where to start with how the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo went this year... Splendidly epic.

To kick things off, they used my Cassie and Tonk artbook submission as a aisle banner, completely unknown to me, so day one of the show I suddenly stumbled upon my own original characters printed the size of truck. The best. It will be used at the con every year from now on  (I tried to buy it from them, but they like it too much, haha)

I've never had so many return customers, almost everyone had visited the booth in years past, and was hungry for this years new pieces. One of the best con crowds an artist could hope for.

After a dozen or so customers took my ninja turtles pieces to the voice cast to sign, I was informed the actors wanted their own copies, I promptly sprinted across the halls and had the opportunity to meet the entire voice cast my fav childhood show! All really nice dudes. Cowabunga.

Every day after the show Andrea Tamme and Quirkilicious took us out for crazy delicious eats, I'll be haunted by those savoury meats until next year 

So ya, amazing show, great attendees, hauntingly great meals. I'll be back next year with more stuff than you can shake a stick at!

Fan Expo Regina May 3-4
Untitled by ChasingArtworkUntitled by ChasingArtwork
Think everyone was pretty shocked at the turnout this con pulled, was a great success for a shows 1st year, and next to no artists tried this show out- so we killed! :p
and of course yummy eats afterwards, this time with some Total Drama Island voice actors.

Ottawa Comicon
Good show! only compliant is that its too far away from the city! will post pics etc soon
May 9-11

Anime North 
May 23-25

Winnipeg's Aikon

Chicago Wizard Con 
Aug 21-24

Toronto Fan Expo
Aug 28-31

Montreal Comic con
Sept 12-14

Edmonton Expo

New York Comic Con
Oct 9-12

Winnipeg C4 Comic Con
Oct 31 - Nov 2

You can also buy my work as a print/phone case/canvas/pillow from my Online Store 
Also catch me via: Facebook | Tumblr | Instigram


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I have enough time for one more piece before New York... 

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I'm currently a student attending college at the moment, with an ambitious passion for comic books. Right now, I'm working on creating my stories and on the side creating the drawings (whenever I can). When I saw your work, I thought it would be perfect for the atmosphere of my comic book story idea. I don't know if you like taking requests or perhaps too busy but I would like to share my idea that I've been working on just to at least get a cover for my story

Please let me know if you're interested.
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